About us

In all kinds of music production and mastering, Rainer Kremer not only sets the tone, he constantly refines it.

His involvement brings real magic to every project because he understands the artist’s needs and knows what an audience expects.

He is also very aware that it is possible to make a good thing even better.

With live sound, his expertise turns concerts into unforgettable occasions and his excellent mastering know-how gives a decisive kick to studio productions.

Clients have trusted these qualities for 20 years, in Germany and the World over.


A deep sense of responsibility for both the artist’s and his own reputation means that he treats every project as a masterpiece.
Working only with tried & tested first class equipment, his extensive knowledge and experience guarantees a solid reliable result, every time.

Planning, preparation and a profound audio creativity allow for seamless live shows and deeply satisfying studio work.
Many artists, internationally well known and otherwise are very happy leaving their music in his capable hands.
Rainer Kremer is a professional who works with professionals, for professional results.


The bionicaudio studio has a relaxed atmosphere and a creative ambience. Well shielded from the distractions of daily life, it offers every possibility for professional productions.

The studio features hi-end, state of the art equipment corresponding to the latest standards. In connection with Rainer Kremer’s high standards, each project is extensively processed and optimized.

Chandler Limited / Curve Bender
bionic EQ / Custom made Mastering EQ
George Massenburg / EQ GML 8200
George Massenburg / Dynamic Range Controller GML 8900
Shadow Hills / Mastering Compressor
Dangerous Music / Compressor
Rockruepel / Limit.One
Dangerous Music / Master
Dangerous Music / Liaison
Dangerous Music / Monitor ST
Dangerous Music / DAC-ST
Forssell / MADC-2
Universal Audio / UAD-2 OCTO Core DSP System (PCIe)
Universal Audio / Apollo Twin
Guzauski Swist / GS-3a Studio Monitor System
Magis Audio / Bau Mini Tone
Towersonic / TS-2C-TB Speakerstands
Sterling Modular / Plan A
Akustikbau / MB Akustik
Macintosh Computer
RAID Back Up System
Studer 962

Logic Pro X
Sonoris / DDP Creator PRO
Harrison / Mixbus32C

Universal Audio
Plugin Alliance
Fab Filter
Valhalla DSP



The art of making good sound even better. Mastering is the final step in an audio production and bionicaudio will bring a desired polish to your music.

Mastering, combined with technical know-how improves the audio quality in many ways and allows for playback in many media formats.

For many years Rainer Kremer has worked on the frequencies and dynamics of many types of music, which he can easily copy to your target medium.



This takes place after the composition, arrangement and recording of songs. A good professional mixdown recording is essential for the next stage: mastering.

The mixing process of individual tracks allows for tuning, balancing and the addition of effects, to characterize the tune’s concept and to create a distinctive sound.


Recording a song or album?

The bionicaudio studio can take you through every step from recording, arranging, mixing and mastering, providing a one-stop, totally focused solution for all, with professional support at a fair price.

On request, we can also help you with songwriting, programming, sleeve artwork and reproduction of your mastered Vinyl and CD.

Just ask.



From small club gigs through to stadium concerts, bionicaudio make live shows a special experience for both artist and audience. Technical requirements are naturally very different for each kind of show and bionicaudio deliver professionally for all, involving:

FOH (front of house engineering),
In ear monitoring,
Live recording.

Tommy Engel: Front of House Engineer
Eldorado: Front of House Engineer
Stefanie Heinzmann: Monitor Engineer (In Ear) / Front of House Engineer
Micky Brühl Band: Front of House Engineer
Fresh Music Live – In Ear Monitoring / Front of House Engineer
Cassandra Steen: Monitor Engineer (In Ear)
Livingston: Monitor Engineer (In Ear) / Front of House Engineer
Patrice: Monitor Engineer (In Ear)
Gentleman: Monitor Engineer (In Ear)
Peter Kraus: Monitor Engineer (In Ear)
Szenario: Front of House Engineer
Stigma: Front of House Engineer
Adoro: Front of House Engineer
Der Familie Popolski: Monitor Engineer (In Ear)
John Fogerty Tour: System Engineer
Rock am Ring: Monitor Engineer
Hurricane: Monitor Engineer
Rock Legends Adventures: Monitor Engineer
SR Halberg Open Air: Front of House Engineer
Comet: Front of House Engineer
Bundesvision Songcontest: Front of House Engineer
Stock Car Crash Challange: Front of House Engineer
Autoball WM: Front of House Engineer